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Hechinger Report: Nonprofits step in to help students that colleges allow to ‘slip through the cracks’

Let's Get Ready is proud to be highlighted in the most recent Hechinger Report for our College Success Program. We know that the innovative work being done through our College Success Program will help decrease inequality in education and offer more opportunities for low-income and first-generation students to succeed in graduating college and beyond.





A Day at Morgan Stanley
It was on September 16, 1935 that Morgan Stanley first opened on Wall Street in New York City. Since then, they have expanded, developed, and fostered one of the strongest financial institutions in the world. This summer I was able to take a tour of the Operations division with Let’s Get Ready Executive Tour series to better my understanding of what Morgan Stanley does as a financial firm.
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Save the Date!
7/25/2015 Career Day - New York City

Professionals from all career fields come together to share their "real world" expertise in order to help prepare Let's Get Ready students for success.

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