Build a plan for long-term college attainment

Over the past decade districts and states across the country have moved the needle on college readiness and college attainment rates. The pandemic has threatened that progress and left many students with college aspirations worrying that their dreams may not be possible. Nationally, college enrollment numbers have faltered, especially among historically underrepresented youth; and as educators, we know that this is just the beginning of a long journey to helping young people get back on track. With the support of ESSER funding, the evidence-based, Let’s Get Ready model can be a partner in your efforts to address the holistic needs of students and help them achieve their aspirations.

As a long-time partner to schools across the country, we know that districts need partners who provide long-term, cost-effective solutions, track and share rigorous data for continuous improvement and are operationally efficient to minimize strain on already stretched school-based staff. Email us at to learn more about our programs today.

Our youth centered program model is built around near-peer mentoring  and puts students first. Over half of our near-peer mentors are alumni of our  program, and 90% are representative of the students we serve

Our cost effective program model leverages data and technology allowing for fast-paced scaling without compromising quality and leveraging philanthropic dollars to keep costs low

With years of experience running rigorous virtual programming, we know how to reach students where they are by leveraging texting and digital platforms to drive engagement

Our staff are experts at supporting historically underrepresented students to achieve their college aspirations and our model is aligned with ARP/ESSER allowable expenses.

Social-Emotional Supports

Our curriculum, training and coaching model are rooted in SEL, which is both named in ESSER legislation and critical to the mental health and well-being of students on their journey to post-secondary opportunities. Embedded in all elements of our model, students develop: a stronger sense of belonging in a college-going community through near-peer relationship building, self-efficacy skills to pursue and achieve their goals, and responsible decision-making skills to plan for the future.

Summer & After School Learning Enrichment

Our virtual programs ensure students are using their out-of-school time to build new academic skills. Combining the passion and relatability of current college students and the expertise of our full-time staff, we meet students where they’re at, combatting learning loss and getting students motivated and on track for their post-secondary goals.

Advancing Educational Equity    

Let’s Get Ready’s mission has always been about supporting students who have now become those most impacted by COVID-19. Our programs have a low-barrier-to-entry approach, welcoming students from low-income backgrounds, regardless of their academic profile. We are well-equipped to continue serving students who need pandemic-related support the most. Learn more about what we’ve been doing to guide students through the pandemic on our 2021 Impact Report.

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“The White Plains Youth Bureau has been a long-time partner with Let’s Get Ready. Over more than fifteen years, this partnership has resulted in youth going on to pursue their college and career dreams with the assistance offered by Lets Get Ready.  SAT scores were improved by the tutoring and financial aid assistance helped students to transition to college.  I am an advocate of Lets Get Ready and would encourage youth partners and schools to avail themselves of this wonderful resource.”

~Frank Williams, Executive Director of the White Plains Youth Bureau