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Andrea’s Story

Meet Andrea. She represents the full continuum of the Let’s Get Ready (LGR) experience. Starting as a LGR Student, then advancing as a Coach and a Site Director, to then coming back to the LGR community [...]

December 27, 2023|

Let’s Get Ready State of The Org 2023

On Wednesday, November 15th, Let’s Get Ready hosted its fourth annual State of the Organization event with an incredible panel of stakeholders including Vice Chair of the LGR’s Board, Laurent Desmangles, Elizabeth Wilson of Hostos Community College [...]

October 25, 2023|

LGR for Equity in Higher Education

In a perfect world and a more perfect union, we would not need Affirmative Action to remedy historical and current discrimination and racism. Yet, in this country, we must have guardrails for equity, inclusion, and access.  For [...]

June 29, 2023|

Evolving Our Core Values

Let’s Get Ready has supported students to and through college for almost 25 years. As we prepare for this 25th anniversary next year, we look back at all that we have learned to evolve our philosophies [...]

December 10, 2022|
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