Associates Council Members

Our Mission

Let’s Get Ready’s Associates Council is a network of early to mid-career professionals who support and amplify LGR’s mission of supporting students to and through college. The Council also aims to provide professional support for our members as they progress in their careers.

Our Purpose 

The Associates Council primarily supports LGR’s mission through fundraising for the organization’s operating budget. Council members also volunteer their time and unique talents to support LGR’s programming efforts throughout the year.

Our Values

The Associates Council focuses on diversity, accessibility, and engagement which sets it apart from other young professional non-profit boards.

Our professional diversity helps the Council offer meaningful administrative support to LGR in addition to our financial support. We believe that it is important for the Council to also reflect the socioeconomic diversity of LGR’s staff, coaches, and students.

Consistent with Let’s Get Ready’s mission, we also want the Associates Council to be financially accessible to as many supporters as possible. We intentionally set our members’ give/get goal and event ticket prices relatively low compared to other organizations in order to ensure higher participation.

Lastly, we believe it is important that the Associates Council’s events provide a venue for our supporters to engage with each other and enjoy themselves. The best way for us to advance LGR’s mission is to give back to the people who give to LGR.