My name is Kimarea, and I’m a sophomore at Lehman College, where I’m pursuing a degree in Health Education and Promotion. As one of the first in my family to attend college, the journey has been challenging but incredibly rewarding. I’m reaching out to share my story and invite you to join us in supporting future students who, like me, are determined to succeed.

When I was nervous about the SAT, a mentor introduced me to Let’s Get Ready (LGR). The SAT prep program was transformative. The instructors were not just teachers; they were encouraging, patient, and deeply invested in my success. They understood how crucial college was for me and made learning both effective and enjoyable.

Beyond test prep, LGR provided invaluable support with college applications. My coach, Hadley, helped me navigate FAFSA and paperwork, and our conversations were personalized and empowering. I learned about the profound impact of mentorship and became inspired to give back as a Core Coach myself.

As a Core Coach, I’ve seen my confidence and leadership skills soar. I now serve as President of several clubs, including the Student Athlete’s Committee. I’ve honed my communication skills, learned to ask probing questions, and become a hands-on leader. This growth has empowered me to speak up, advocate for my peers, and build stronger connections with students.

One moment that stands out is when I worked with a student on study strategies during our midterms. We supported each other, celebrated our victories, and built a bond that went beyond “good luck.” Moments like these highlight the power of mentorship and the difference it makes when someone believes in you.

But being a coach also comes with challenges. Many students face mental health struggles, and navigating these conversations can be daunting. Thanks to LGR’s training, I’ve learned to ask the right questions and direct students to the resources they need. It’s about more than just providing academic support; it’s about cultivating trust and helping students find the strength to overcome their challenges.

Today, I’m asking for your support to ensure that LGR can continue to empower students like me. The support that I provide as a coach makes a real difference in the lives of aspiring college students. I know this because my coach had such an impact on me.

Thank you for considering a gift to Let’s Get Ready. Together, we can build a future where every student has the support they need to succeed.

Warm regards,


Sophomore, Lehman College

Core Coach, Let’s Get Ready