Hi! My name is Amel, and I am a high school senior! I am proud to share that I will graduate in a few weeks and matriculate to Wellesley College this fall. My Let’s Get Ready coach was instrumental in me getting here. 

I learned about LGR from my sister who also had a coach. I was too eager, and applied for LGR my sophomore year. I didn’t get in – I was too young, but once I was accepted junior year, the support was amazing off the bat.

My coach, Sikia, was SO accessible via text message, whether it was about the application process or scholarships. She was relatable and always made an effort to build our connection. 

Near the beginning of senior year, I was stressed and overwhelmed because everyone at my exam school seemed to know what they were doing. Meanwhile, I was watching tutorial videos on YouTube and trying to book appointments with my counselor to catch up. I had no individual support. Sikia immediately gave me access to helpful essay brainstorming resources when I could not think of what to write.

I’ll be going to Wellesley College this fall. They have a great neuroscience program, and the community seems amazing. I am also proud to share that I received the Dell Scholarship with the support from LGR staff.

I look forward to paying it forward as a coach, an alum and maybe a funder, like you, in the future. Thank you for all the support that you have given.

Best regards,