Giving Report

Thank You to Our Contributors

We would like to thank everyone who contributed financially to Let’s Get Ready in FY20. Whether it was your first year supporting our students and our programs, your 20th year, or somewhere in between — thank you. If you gave more this year in response to the added challenges created by the pandemic — thank you. If you maintained your donation despite the challenges and uncertainty in your own life — thank you.

We would also like to thank the National Board of Directors, the New England Advisory Board, and the Associates Council for their hard work, guidance, and leadership, and for their contributions of time, talent, and treasure. In this challenging year, LGR’s National Board of Directors stepped up to create a $300,000 matching fund, which was matched by another $300,000 in new and upgraded donations from across our donor community. In total, the board gave and raised more than $1 million!

Let’s Get Ready envisions and is working towards a future in which students from all socioeconomic backgrounds have the support they need to attain a college degree, and we simply could not do the work we do without the support of everyone listed in these pages. We are grateful for your continued support and are looking forward to a successful FY21!