Hi! My name is Leandra! I am both a Coach/Access Instructor at Let’s Get Ready and a student at The University of Maryland, College Park, where I am pursuing studies in Public Policy and Sociology. You will receive emails from my peers over the next few weeks. Take time to listen to our stories.

When I embarked on my college journey, I struggled with low confidence. Despite receiving a full-ride scholarship, maneuvering through college proved challenging, particularly as a student of color on a predominantly white campus and a first-gen student with little support at home. I felt alone. Let’s Get Ready became my saving grace when I needed it most.

Becoming an LGR instructor changed my life. This role helped me realize that I have value and skills that can impact my community. I am now a leader, deep thinker and an advocate. I am not just walking through the “opportunity door,” but leaving it open for my students who are working hard and deserve opportunities.

My connection with my students runs deep. We share similar experiences and aspirations. They see themselves in me. I had my own struggles with standardized testing and limited access to resources. Now, I can support young people by developing their test-ready skills and translating complicated concepts in digestible ways. I would have loved to be an LGR student if I knew that it existed before becoming a coach!

Thank you for investing in young people, like me.