As new leadership of LGR, we are honored to share this review of last year, a truly unimaginable time. There is much to reflect on, but we must begin by sharing deep gratitude for the consistent support of our community in this time of uncertainty, and unending admiration for the resilience and creativity of LGR students, coaches, and staff.

Let’s Get Ready has existed for more than 20 years to support students in navigating the complex, inequitable systems that surround higher education through a powerful near-peer coaching model. We have always evolved to respond to the most timely needs of our students and serve them in the most adaptable, flexible way. This spirit of innovation meant we were able to move quickly to ensure continuity for our existing 11,000+ students, while enrolling 2,956 new students into the program.

COVID had a devastating impact on college enrollment nationally, which will have a far-ranging impact on students individually and on our society collectively. LGR students, while not immune to these challenges, enrolled in college at virtually the same rate as in the prior year, compared to a heart-wrenching 12% drop in the national data. This year also saw our first six-year graduation rate for students who have received Success services from LGR. We’re so proud to share that LGR students are graduating from college at double the rate of their closest peers, but we won’t be satisfied until there is no difference in results between LGR students and those coming from the highest-income communities.

We made a deeper commitment to racial equity this year as well, digging into our resources for students, our internal operations, and exploring representation at all levels of the organization through this lens. While this work is very much a process, we have made specific progress on a set of equity priorities collaboratively identified by LGR staff. These included:

  • Starting a Student Leadership Council to ensure student voice is elevated in our work

  • Formalizing career pathways for staff and establishing a model for salary transparency

  • Launching conversations about our role in systems-wide advocacy

There is still a tremendous amount to do to reverse COVID’s debilitating effect on college enrollment and graduation, and to become a more and more values- and justice-driven organization. We move forward into the next phase of work with resolve and optimism to ensure the “new normal” is truly new: in its commitment to equity, in its openness to new ideas and ways of operating, and in its readiness to elevate the talents, wisdom, and experiences of young people.

We hope you will join us as we move into this future!

In partnership,

Chief Executive Officer

Chair, Board of Directors