Dear friends,

Earlier this month I joined Let’s Get Ready as CEO. Building community has always been central to my work in education, and I was drawn to Let’s Get Ready in part because this same emphasis is at the heart of our peer-based model for college access and success.

I want to take the opportunity to reiterate Let’s Get Ready‘s strong commitment to the values of inclusion and educational equity. Let’s Get Ready has a long tradition of welcoming students, coaches, and staff from all backgrounds. Each year we assist nearly 10,000 talented and hard-working high school and college students who represent the rich diversity of the communities we serve. They come from many ethnic and racial backgrounds, are recent immigrants as well as US citizens, observe a variety of religious traditions, and identify with different genders. What they have in common is the talent and drive to get into and graduate from college.

Let’s Get Ready does not and will not discriminate based on religion, national origin, or immigration status in determining who is eligible to participate in our programs. We will remain vigilant in anticipating how current and future public policy changes may impact our students, coaches, staff members and their families. We are committed to supporting them and encourage them to use us as a resource during this turbulent period.

As always, we encourage all members of the Let’s Get Ready community to support one another and engage in our broader community with civility, compassion, and respect.

In service,
Kathrine Mott
Chief Executive Officer