LGR’s Official Statement:

In a perfect world and in a more perfect union, we would not need Affirmative Action as a remedy for historical and current discrimination and racism. Yet, in this country, we must have guardrails for equity, inclusion, and access.

Let’s Get Ready (LGR) has been preparing for the Supreme Court’s decision to announce whether race-conscious admissions programs at Harvard and the University of North Carolina were unlawful. Their decision sets a new precedent for all colleges and universities to stop considering race in admissions, effectively ending affirmative action in higher education. While this decision stands to inflame racial and ethnic disparities long fought for by those most proximate to marginalization and inequities, our work to provide equitable access to college opportunities for students nationwide will only grow deeper.

For 25 years, LGR has been dedicated to ensuring that first-generation students, those from disinvested communities with lower incomes, and students of color (who represent 90% of those enrolled in our programs), have the necessary tools to access and persist in college. Today, we reaffirm our commitment to ensuring that every student who engages with our near-peer mentoring program knows their support to, through, and beyond college is culturally responsive, differentiated for their needs and aspirations, and relevant to our world. For the majority of our students, these are not simply political issues. These decisions directly impact their lives.

With this in mind, LGR stands with millions of people worldwide that recognize the regressive impacts of the Supreme Court’s decision. LGR will not be color-blind to the realities of our students, especially Black and Brown students, whose lives are deeply impacted. Despite this decision’s lack of historical context, LGR will remain clear on the long-fought and enduring journey of equity in accessing a college education.