Eric Cora beginning his freshman year at MIT

“I knew that I’d be at a disadvantage in the college admissions process compared to students from different socioeconomic standings,” Says Eric Cora from the Bronx, New York. “I saw Let’s Get Ready as the tool for leveling the playing field and making me a more competitive applicant to colleges.”

Eric learned about Let’s Get Ready through a newsletter sent by his high school. He took advantage of the program’s free SAT tutoring, mentoring, college visits, and other services, which are often prohibitively expensive for many students. “Neither of my parents attended college. While they knew the value of receiving a college degree, they didn’t know enough to help me throughout my college process, so for the most part I was self-guided,” he says.

Eric’s hard work and passion for learning paid off. With his Let’s Get Ready Coaches’ guidance on the college application process and SAT, he improved his test score and successfully applied for admission to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His first classes began this month.

“My Coaches were the staple of the whole experience,” Eric explains, “If I were to do it again it’d be because of the amazing and charismatic people I met at Let’s Get Ready. They worked on a personal, one-on-one basis, giving each student the attention that they required.”

At MIT Eric plans to study mechanical engineering and mathematics. “It isn’t just the job security of having a college degree,” he says, “rather, I am genuinely excited to be able to pursue learning material I am passionate about.” Eric is considering graduate school after he completes his degree, but for now, he is on track to succeed in his first year. As he puts it: “At this point I’m worry free about college!”