Let’s Get Ready has supported students to and through college for almost 25 years. As we prepare for this 25th anniversary next year, we look back at all that we have learned to evolve our philosophies and core values, which are at the heart of our mission to increase students’ access to college and postsecondary success. 

Getting students enrolled in college and ready for this ever-changing world is as critical as ever. Let’s Get Ready envisions a future where students from all socioeconomic backgrounds – and all geographic locations – have the support they need to earn a college degree. These core values will serve as a foundation for inclusive and equitable practices at LGR, while guiding our decision-making, operational integrity, and commitment to all constituents in service of our students.

Center students.

Our program model is based on harnessing the wisdom, experience and engagement of students to create meaningful change for their peers and communities. As such, we focus on students first – we plan around their diverse needs, ensure our program is widely accessible, celebrate their talents and successes, and proactively seek their feedback.

Value, equip, and celebrate the team.

We are committed to providing a healthy work culture by providing the resources, support and development all team members need so that they can lead with joy, contribute meaningfully, grow professionally, and thrive in their roles.

Embrace learning and seek progress.

We strive to be transparent and realistic about our challenges, and embrace these as opportunities to learn, thoughtfully adapt, and continuously improve our work. We are relentless in our use of all types of data to drive towards our goals and contribute to the collective impact of our field.

Build and sustain an inclusive and equitable community.

As we pursue diversity and inclusion in the field of higher education, we are committed to pursuing equity within our organization in all aspects of our decision-making, program design, revenue generation, and operations. We recognize the infinite horizon of anti-oppression work and know we will only make progress towards this north star by actively prioritizing diversity, lived experience, and cultural competency.