Ariany Pina, who has been serving Let’s Get Ready’s College Success Program at UMass Dartmouth, received a Leadership in Fostering Community Award upon her graduation from the university this May. Working as a Success Coach and Success Site Director at the Let’s Get Ready site, she helped underclassmen peers in the surrounding community, most of them first-generation-to-college students, as they pursued their degrees. Coaches like Ariany help students stay on top of deadlines and milestones while providing helpful advice and moral support, as well as leading them to opportunities that will further their academic and professional careers.

Let’s Get Ready would like to express our deepest gratitude to Ariany, as well as all our other College Success Program mentors, for all they do for their peers and community.

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Ariany Pina in a graduation robe and colorful stole, holding flowers and a diploma.