Join us in welcoming Elliot Urgent – our Careers in the Common Good summer intern!

Elliot is a rising junior at Brown University, concentrating in International and Public Affairs with a focus on policy. At Brown, he is heavily involved with the music community, co-founding the Brown Organization of Producers and Songwriters and working on the executive board of Sounds at Brown, a group that organizes student concerts. Throughout college, he has worked as a management consultant for the Chicago Public Library, Roast Me, Willie’s Superbrew, and Kyoo. On campus he works as a Campus Center Information Specialist and Residential Peer Leader (RA).

Elliot is interested in education and education policy, and is passionate about addressing educational inequity. This summer, he will be working closely with LGR’s Success Team, assisting with student recruitment and program projects.

We asked him the question: Why is this work important to you?

“This work is important to me because I have experienced first-hand the difference that educational opportunity can make. Education inequity is an issue that greatly affects many communities, often communities of color, and I would like to work towards making change. What is most exciting about working with the team is the fact that there are many motivated people with experience running a non-profit that helps so many students. In my time here, I hope to learn about the challenges and successes people on the LGR team have had while trying to make a positive impact.”

We look forward to showing you the ropes, Elliot, and are thrilled to have you with us this year.