Let’s Get Ready’s program is built around our near-peer coaching model, in which current college students serve as paid mentors to younger high school and college students.

“I was excited to get to work directly with students, especially in a mentor role… I have learned so much from the students as well and it’s really helped me figure out what I want to do in life overall.”

– Tiffany Ellison, LGR Success Coach and Student Leadership Council Member

Our coaches build meaningful relationships with students, and support them through the social, academic, and financial challenges and opportunities that arise as they pursue their college degrees. But this relationship is not a one way street; for many of our coaches, this is their first professional work experience and in addition to earning money to help pay for school and other expenses, they receive significant workforce development and leadership training.

Additionally, the vast majority of our coaches have either gone through LGR programs and/or come from similar backgrounds and communities as our students, and they report feeling an immense sense of pride and empowerment at the opportunity to serve as a coach and be a leader for the students coming up behind them. Many – like Tiffany, whom you’ll meet in the video below – are so inspired by their experience as an LGR coach that they go on to careers in education and public service.

Our coaches are the heart of LGR’s programs and we could not do what we do without their passion, dedication, and hard work. Click below to meet Tiffany and learn more about her experience as an LGR coach.