Michael & Susan Dell Foundation LogoLet’s Get Ready, a Manhattan-based nonprofit that helps students who are historically underrepresented in higher education get into and graduate from college, is broadening its college Access programs in the Greater Boston area. The project will be supported through an ongoing partnership with the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation to expand the organization’s efforts in the region.

“We are honored to expand Let’s Get Ready’s work in the region, ensuring that underrepresented students in Greater Boston not only get into college, but are supported along the way to graduation,” says Kathrine Mott, Let’s Get Ready’s Chief Executive Officer.

To broaden and deepen its College Access services, Let’s Get Ready will provide the high school students in the communities surrounding Boston with the free SAT prep and admission counseling services needed for them to successfully apply to and enroll in college. The organization will immediately focus on expanding enrollment in its existing Greater Boston sites for the summer of 2019. Let’s Get Ready will also launch a rigorous process for selecting new communities and partners for summer 2020 while developing tools to report on partnership outcomes and recruitment of students and coaches.

“Our expansion in Boston will address the significant need in the region and provide an opportunity for us to thoughtfully expand our work in the communities surrounding Boston,” says Allison Caffrey, Let’s Get Ready’s New England Executive Director.

Let’s Get Ready was founded in 1998 by Jeannie Lang Rosenthal, then a Harvard undergraduate, to help high school students from low-income backgrounds—often the first in their families to college—to get into a well-matched school (“College Access”). She found that college students, having recently applied to and enrolled in college, were well-equipped to mentor high school juniors and seniors, their “near-peers.”

Let’s Get Ready’s services, provided at no cost to students, begins with the College Access program. It includes SAT prep courses, campus visits, guidance on college essays and applications, help with financial aid forms, and counseling on college decisions.