The success of students that pass through Let’s Get Ready’s College Access Programs is well-documented, but our Coaches also gain from being peer-to-peer mentors. Alison Simon, an Access Coach at Barnard College, recently wrote in with some notes about her experiences:

After tutoring several different subjects throughout high school, I arrived at college eager to continue my passion for teaching. I discovered Let’s Get Ready during my second semester, and I decided to apply to be a Verbal Coach. Before I knew it, I was teaching my first class!

Getting started so quickly was daunting, but I found that the curriculum was easy to teach and the students were enthusiastic learners. I soon began to look forward to my classes, and as soon as one finished I would prepare for the next one.

It was such a pleasure seeing my students gain confidence and skill, and I was so proud of them when their hard work paid off. Working at Let’s Get Ready has been a great experience for me because I’ve been able to share my knowledge of college applications and test prep, which is still fresh in my mind. Moreover, I’ve had the privilege of working with dedicated, thoughtful students with big dreams and unlimited zeal.

We’d like to extend a big thanks to Alison Simons for her work as a Coach and for sharing her thoughts. To become a Coach or work with Let’s Get Ready at our program sites, click here.