Scholarship Resource Guide

WHAT ARE SCHOLARSHIPS? Scholarships refer to a gift of money that does not have to be repaid and are offered to students to help defray the cost of attending college. Scholarships are typically awarded outside of the college’s financial aid awarding process and require students to actively research and find them. Scholarships are usually [...]

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CareerU with Ryan: Continuous Self-Improvement

CareerU with Ryan, Volume II by Ryan Marcus We would all love to be the best version of ourselves every day we wake up. But, we’re human: we have bad days, we make mistakes and we have shortcomings that can be huge obstacles in our life. You could choose to ignore your shortcomings and [...]

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Notes from a Coach: Alison Simons

The success of students that pass through Let’s Get Ready’s College Access Programs is well-documented, but our Coaches also gain from being peer-to-peer mentors. Alison Simon, an Access Coach at Barnard College, recently wrote in with some notes about her experiences: After tutoring several different subjects throughout high school, I arrived at college eager [...]

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CareerU with Ryan: Self-Awareness

Tune in to your surroundings. Throughout Volume II of CareerU, we have discussed how to build a repertoire of soft skills, focusing primarily on aspects that are personal and internal to you. In this piece, we will look outside of ourselves to what is going on around us. Understanding your own actions and how [...]

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CareerU with Ryan: Empathy

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. You are going to meet a wide array of people throughout your personal and professional life. With the diversity of people comes many different ways of viewing the world. You will often find the views of others to be in direct conflict with some of your positions and opinions. [...]

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CareerU with Ryan: Decision Making

Decision Making CareerU with Ryan, Volume II Set a direction. Be deliberate. Don’t look back. Let’s face it: life is full of crossroads, where you have to choose between two, three, or more directions to go in. The question you have to ask yourself is, which direction is correct? Learning how to make sound decisions [...]

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CareerU with Ryan: Dependability

Dependability CareerU with Ryan, Volume II Under promise and over deliver. As you begin to grow in your soft skills development journey, it is important that we make time to discuss the art of dependability. Essentially, the goal here is to communicate what you are going to do, and then go ahead and actually do [...]

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CareerU with Ryan: Humbled Confidence

CareerU with Ryan, Volume II Have confidence in what you do and the decisions you make. One of the key soft skills to develop is humbled confidence. Confidence is integral to success, but without humility, that confidence easily slips into overconfidence – and from there, leads to arrogance. Developing “humbled confidence” – being both humble [...]

CareerU with Ryan: Humbled Confidence2017-02-16T23:31:33-05:00

CareerU with Ryan: Effective Communication

Effective Communication CareerU with Ryan, Volume II Let’s explore the idea of “effective communication.” Communicating in a university and workplace setting in a way that is efficient and garners respect will help you succeed in all your endeavors. I have found that having the ability to communicate well is connected to a person’s success. I’ve [...]

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CareerU with Ryan: What Are Soft Skills?

What are Soft Skills? CareerU with Ryan, Volume II Welcome to Volume II of CareerU with Ryan! For this series, my goal is to provide an inside-out perspective on how to be successful both in your career and in life. Each segment of this series will focus on a “soft skill” that will provide an [...]

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