High School Students

Haby Gadio

Haby Gadio, a student and Let’s Get Ready Site Director at Barnard College, is a natural leader and high-achiever, with her eyes set on a career in helping others as part of a nonprofit or governmental organization. “I hope to make a positive impact in my community and on a global scale,” she asserts, [...]

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Tanvir Shahjahan

 UPDATE: As of May 2018, Tanvir has graduated from Colby. He continues to serve as a mentor through Americorps and Legal Outreach.Tanvir Shahjahan is fundamentally devoted to the concept of education. At Colby College in Waterville, Maine, he majors in biology while triple-minoring in neuroscience, sociology, and managerial economics. “As stereotypical as it sounds, I [...]

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Lia’s Story

UPDATE: Lynda Baquero's “Visiones” segment on Weekend Today in New York is now here for your enjoyment. Thank you, NBC New York. Let's Get Ready is proud to be partnering with Figure Skating in Harlem, an organization that offers free skating instruction to young girls in Harlem while engaging them in uplifting [...]

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Former Let’s Get Ready Coach featured on official NYC alumni site

Recent Queens College graduate, Macauly Honors Program member, and former Let‘s Get Ready volunteer Rebecca Lee has been featured on Alum.nyc, New York City's first official citywide network dedicated to celebrating and supporting public school alumni. As a Freshman at Queens College, Lee provided free SAT tutoring to her peers as a volunteer Let‘s Get Ready [...]

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Luisanna Villa

For Luisanna Villa, high school was “a stepping stone for bigger and better things.” Her parents had not gone to college, but they instilled an “education first” attitude in their household. During her sophomore year, Luisanna had the realization that she needed to start working towards college. “I was able to go from a [...]

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Let’s Get Ready Students participate in College Decision Day at the Apollo

On May 11, 10 graduating high school seniors from Let’s Get Ready College Access Program took the stage at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York, for the annual College Decision Day event. They participated alongside 250 peers from 25 local organizations that provide college access services to students from low-income circumstances. The event celebrated [...]

Let’s Get Ready Students participate in College Decision Day at the Apollo2017-10-30T15:55:27-04:00

Cinthia Ibarra

For a young adult, learning to overcome one’s fears can seem impossible. Cinthia Ibarra found support from Let’s Get Ready and used it to achieve her lifelong quest to rise above her circumstances and ultimately go to college.   Cinthia’s journey began twelve years ago when she boarded a plane to New York City from her native [...]

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Andrea Magaña

Standing between Andrea Magaña and her college dreams were some extremely tough obstacles. Her family moved to New Rochelle from Mexico after she was born; neither of her parents had gone to college, and finances put private SAT tutors out of the equation. But Andrea understood that secondary education would be key to a prosperous [...]

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Rebeca Lafond

As a child, Rebeca Lafond was aware of the hardships faced by her parents, both Haitian immigrants with limited English proficiency. She figured out early on that going to college would unlock the path to success, and with her family’s encouragement she pursued higher education with a steely resolve. “I watched my parents growing up [...]

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Boston Consulting Group hosts Let’s Get Ready

A group of Let’s Get Ready students had the pleasure of an Executive Tour at the Boston Consulting Group's stunning new offices in Manhattan. Staff at the international management firm spoke with the students about the problem-solving nature of consulting. Big thanks to BCG for this invaluable insight into an exciting line of work! Some [...]

Boston Consulting Group hosts Let’s Get Ready2017-08-29T13:49:18-04:00
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